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There are many of our visitors that come to our luxury restaurant in Chania with a restaurant reservation. However, there are many of our clients that despite our restaurant's in Chania booking form  that visit our luxury finie dining  restaurant  in Chania without having a reservation. Due to our excellent customer reviews we- most of the time- try to host

Many of tourists, and locals are currently looking for gourmet restaurants in Chania. In this short guide we will point out the main characteristics of luxury restaurants in Chania as well as the peculiarities of gourmet restaurants of our homeland.  Gourmet Restaurants in Chania: Why you may choose them! In a Gourmet Restaurant the visitor will have the chance of finding a

When someone is searching for the best restaurants in Chania he may consult some restaurant in Chania reviews , some recommendations from friends or relatives or referrals on the internet. The best and most recognized organization for best restaurants is the Michelin Guide. In this Article we will inform you about who it is, and how it works. Best Restaurants in  Chania-

Almyvita is for many years now an established restaurant in Chania area providing you with exceptional sushi, fresh seafood, and signature cocktails from our rated chefs and our head chef, Ettore Botrini -very famous for his cooking style. Many of our respected clients want to know things about our luxury seafood restaurant’s birthplace, Almyrida. Almyrida- The spot for our luxury seafood restaurant! Almyrida

Almyrida Apokoronas Ep. Od. Kalyvon – Kefalas | 73008

For reservations: +30 2825033903

info@almyvita.gr | reservation@almyvita.gr

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday 19:00 – 00:00

Friday – Sunday 13:00 – 00:00