Almyrida Village in Chania Crete

Almyvita in Almyrida-Our restaurant in Chania

Almyvita is for many years now an established restaurant in Chania area providing you with exceptional sushi, fresh seafood, and signature cocktails from our rated chefs and our head chef, Ettore Botrini -very famous for his cooking style.
Many of our respected clients want to know things about our luxury seafood restaurant’s birthplace, Almyrida.

Almyvita restaurant in Chania- Sea views

Almyvita restaurant in Chania- Sea views

Almyrida- The spot for our luxury seafood restaurant!

Almyrida is a beachfront picturesque village with sea views in the vicinity of Chania and very close to the town center. It has all the amenities for a luxury vacation in Chania and also many hotels, restaurants, shops, and tourist infrastructure needed for a relaxing retreat just kilometers away from the busy town center.
Our vision was to establish a luxury restaurant in Chania, capable enough to represent our views and aspirations in the luxury dining sector. We had chosen Almyrida village to establish our restaurant.

fresh fish restaurant in Chania- Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant

fresh fish restaurant in Chania- Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant

Almyrida Village in Chania – A fisherman’s village.

Despite its nowadays huge tourist potential, Almyrida Village in Chania used to be a famous fishermen village that was famous for its local, fresh, and high-quality fish. Our love for fresh fish has already been started and it was one of the reasons for our restaurant. The beachfront location of our restaurant combined with the sea views that we offer is the perfect combination for the fish that our village is producing daily.
The village of Almyrida is also famous amongst locals, as it is a perfect daily retreat excursion. With its tranquil character and its shallow waters, Almyrida beach is perfect for families with young children and a must for everyone that is looking for a vacation in Chania.

Almyrida small island -Almyrida Chania Crete

Almyrida small island -Almyrida Chania Crete

Proximity to Chania town.

Almyrida village is only 20 km away from the busy town center, making the location of our seafood restaurant in Chania very crucial. It is altogether an excellent alternative for those who like a bit of privacy away from the busy Chania town center, and not very far away either. Our village check all the boxes, and having constructed many luxury villas and businesses there we decided to bond this operation into our Almyvita restaurant.

Dinner in Chania: Old Venetian Harbour

Dinner in Chania: Old Venetian Harbour

Our Signature dishes

Our restaurant has already become very famous in the fine-dining sector and amongst food enthusiasts that adore gourmet cuisine. When on Chania, our restaurant can offer you delicate food options with the most commendable being our top sushi, our signature cocktails, and the desserts that you can only find in our restaurant in Chania and are inspired by Michelin star restaurants.
You should also try our exceptional wines from our extensive wine list and also try out our cocktails that our experienced bartenders have already put their inspiration on. Ultimately, it’s an excellent way to finish a meal in a luxury restaurant with sea views, like ours!

Special Almyvita Halva: Gourmet Cuisine & Pastry - Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Special Almyvita Halva: Gourmet Cuisine & Pastry – Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Keep an eye on our restaurant in Chania updates!

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If you are on vacation in Chania, our restaurant might be near you and a restaurant reservation is the best way to make sure that you will have unprecedented gastronomical food experience.
We invite you into our Almyvita world!

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