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Seafood dinner in Chania: Our top choices!

Our luxury restaurant in Chania is now successfully established as an excellent choice for seafood lovers. Fresh fish of the highest quality meet the expertise of our chef and combined with our sea view location in Chania make the perfect seafood dinner for seafood lovers. In this blog, we will refer to our top seafood choices and the best practices we choose for our guests.

Seafood meal Chania Crete: First things first.

To start with the basics, Crete is an island full of tourist infrastructure, but also with many fish taverns and fish restaurants. Likewise, many small harbors (like the neighboring Kalyves, right next to our restaurant in Almyrida) accommodate many fish boats that supply businesses and hotels with fresh fish of the Aegean sea.

Almyvita restaurant is proud to have cooperation with fishermen of the area that can supply our kitchen with fresh fish daily. While fresh fish catches can alter from day to day, our kitchen staff always strive to offer the best seafood meals for everyone.

Gourmet Seafood Chania- Luxury Restaurant Almyvita- Seafood in Chania-Octopus dish

Gourmet Seafood Chania- Luxury Restaurant Almyvita- Seafood in Chania-Octopus dish

Top picks from our seafood dinner menu.

Most of our clients that are having a sea view dinner in Chania are asking us about our recommendations on the fish food options for their lunch or dinner.  A gazpacho soup with crab has been always an all-time classic for seafood lovers in our restaurant alongside the fish of the day filet, a special preparation with fresh fish that is carefully picked from local fishermen for our menu every day. Grilled fresh fish is amongst the most favorite food option choices too, as fish grilled on barbeque has a special taste and is cooked without added fats or extra calories, which makes it a light seafood dish too! 

Combine local seafood with sushi in Chania.

Local seafood is a nutritional pinnacle. Fresh fish is always a top nutritional choice with various health benefits. However, our restaurant also offers you exceptional Asian sushi tastes that make the perfect side dish for fresh fish. Sushi, with its distinctive taste, and combined with grade A Tuna and salmon make the best combination for a luxury seafood dinner of your choice. Numerous plate combinations can be bonded with our fish menu elevating your dinner and altogether the quality of your sea view dinner in Chania region. 

sushi in Chania- Almyvita Restaurant Chania, Crete

sushi in Chania- Almyvita Restaurant Chania, Crete

Don’t forget the Wine!

Wine is always a must when it comes to the best seafood dining experience. Our respected clients that make booking reservations to our restaurant in Chania are also choosing fine wine to elevate the taste and the overall experience of their dinner. 

sushi menu- nigiri & maki in Chania- Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant

sushi menu- nigiri & maki in Chania- Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant

We, at Almyvita luxury restaurant, suggest that you combine your seafood dinner in Chania with white wine: White wines always pair better with fish because of their higher acidity, compared to red wine. Red wine is not a bad choice either, but due to the high concentration of tannins, many of our diners feel its taste to be a bit drying to most clients that are looking for a simple but rewarding seafood meal in the vicinity. 

Meet our restaurant in Chania!

Our restaurant, with fresh ingredients, sea views, and top chefs is ready to indulge you in a gastronomical culture you may have never imagined. Contact us or call us at + 30 28250 33903 for a luxury dinner with views, exceptional flavors, and fresh ingredients today!