Luxury Restaurant & Dining in Chania Meet our chef


Ettore Botrini is a Greek-Italian chef, businessman and presenter of cooking shows. He studied business organization and management at the Swiss School of Tourism.

For Ettore Botrini, luxury restaurant, luxury dining in Chania as well as cooking is not just a creative art; it is a way of communicating and expressing the inner world. He gives great importance to his team and to collaborations with local producers, who provide him with the best possible raw materials to turn the food into a culinary experience.

The philosophy of his cuisine is holistic: He connects nature, the surrounding area and the materials with his memories from his family tradition and from the places he lived and lives. He transforms these memories into food, striving to offer a complete tasting experience to the customers of his restaurants.

Luxury Dining in Chania- Head Chef- Ettore Botrini- Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Everything is in my mind. For me, cooking is something self-evident, a necessity, but also something that does not wait.

Ettore Botrini