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Gourmet Restaurants in Chania: 3 Key Features to know!

Many of tourists, and locals are currently looking for gourmet restaurants in Chania. In this short guide we will point out the main characteristics of luxury restaurants in Chania as well as the peculiarities of gourmet restaurants of our homeland.

 Gourmet Restaurants in Chania: Why you may choose them!

In a Gourmet Restaurant the visitor will have the chance of finding a wholesome experience on the gastronomical journey with little difference in price paid. He will uncover traditional Cretan ingredients cooked and combined in their best combination. Guest will enjoy an excellent customer service in a environment full of luxury.

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Gourmet Restaurants in Chania- Gourmet Seafood Cuisine- Oysters

Details that define gourmet restaurants in Chania.

One of the Characteristics that define a luxury restaurant are the seasonal ingredients and raw materials, because every season has its unique treasures that should be used at the right time in order to give their best attributes. Another element are the gastronomical norms. Our head chef has to be informed about everything new and modern in gastronomy and to adapt to the occasions, the environment and the season. It is also crucial to have a fast service and correct timing in serving, as well as to the tables distances.

Gourmet Seafood Chania- Luxury Restaurant Almyvita- Seafood in Chania

Gourmet Seafood Chania– Luxury Restaurant Almyvita- Seafood in Chania

Furthermore, in a luxury restaurant you can pay attention to the details, like the dessert that they treat you or the wine at the end of your dinner. Take a look at the chef’s that will gradually go out and chat with some guests and also the attention given to you throughout your lunch or dinner.

On the center of attention for luxury restaurants or gourmet restaurants  in Chania is always the customer for a restaurant’s long term prosperity.

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Almyvita luxury Restaurant Experience


Almyrida Apokoronas Ep. Od. Kalyvon – Kefalas | 73008

For reservations: +30 2825033903

info@almyvita.gr | reservation@almyvita.gr

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Monday – Thursday 19:00 – 00:00

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