Almyvita Luxury Sea View Restaurant

Meet Almyvita Restaurant- Our History and Philosophy

1. How did the Almyvita concept came to life and by who?

The idea belong to Mr Thomas Kyriakidis, owner of the restaurant and chairman of KYRIAKIDIS company  to whom the well-known KYRIAKIDIS CONSTRUCTION company belongs to. Mr Thomas Kyriakidis, a fine dining and haute gastronomy enthusiast, offering always top notch contrustions for years through K. C and with every other endeavor of the company, had a vision of creating something unique that could be up to the high standards that we are all aware of  his business. Therefore inspired by his travels around the world, he decided to compine all these elements that he was fascinated by and merge them perfectly with the Greek touch. He created once again a unique project, monumental and perfected to its very last detail.

 Almyvita Luxury Restaurant- Chania- Almyrida

2. What was the chairmans goal while fullfiling his idea?

The Chairmans goal and desire was to share the experience of a luxurious and full of energy place with those who value truly fine dining and enchanting atmosphere. He wanted through his experiences and personal interpretation to create something unique and authentic which express Greece through a gastronomy journey, in a high end interior.

3. Tell us about your associates and who is the Chef of your cuisine?

Mr Kyriakidis Company’s principal is that our assets are our people. Therefore, our biggest investment and priority are our partners.

We are delighted to have a team that is compined by the top proffesionals of the field. How we could not emphasize to the soul of our restaurant?

Our great Chef :

We are extremely happy to have onboard chef Hector Botrini, a michelin star awarded and Greece’s top Chef.

He is an extremely passionate person with his craft and he has nothing but exquisite tastes to offer. A gifted man with countless distinctions in fine dining top institutions ( a few words by the Chef himself )

Ettore Botrini Head Chef Almyvita Luxury Restaurant- Chania- Almyrida

Ettore Botrini Head Chef Almyvita Luxury Restaurant- Chania- Almyrida

4. What   are   your   future   goals?

Mr Thomas Kyriakidis goals but also a common goal of the whole Almyvita’s team, chef’s and all of those who work at Almyvita family is to offer their best for the longest possible time. Our deepest desire is to showcase Greek haute gastronomy to all of our guests, both domestic and foreign as well as to showcase our beautiful side of our country.

We are certain that our endeavor which is still doing its first steps will soon be in the list of the highly awarded restaurants and all of us will be here to highlight it. We strongly believe that Almyvita belongs in the top restaurants of the country, and all we have to do is to let time prove it.

After all when  the recipe is so well calibrated, when you have the best team along your side and when you let your intuition to lead your creativity then  winning is your only choice.

So, our goal, have always been the top,same as it has always been for KYRIAKIDIS company.

5. (a) Tell us a few words about the menu. What should we expect to taste at Almyvita?

(a) A genuine Mediterranean cuisine well adjusted to a fine dining experience with Italian influences.

5. (b) Does the restaurant offer a degustation menu?

(b) Of course there is a degustation menu.

The guest has the chance to enjoy a superb gastronomy , tasteful journey that compined with the whole experience we offer, will surely be a memorable one.

6. Do you accompany kids in your restaurant?

It is our choice to welcome kids as well, because we think that good esthetics are developed from a young age and should always be nurtured. We are happy that our small friends always respect and adjust perfectly with the atmosphere and the whole process we follow in Almyvita.  Of course we have a kids menu, well adjusted to the very least detail to their needs as kids are our more strict judges,

7. Is there the ability to host special occasions, formal dinners or events?

Of course we have that ability . Almyvita has forseen the needs of its guests and offers the most luxurious and rewarding experiences.

8. Explain us, what is the secret that makes Almyvita special?

At Almyvita our guest has the opportunity to take place in a complete gastronomical experience, at a place filled with energy and  irreproachable service from our people.

It would be our great pleasure to host you in our restaurant and offer you some of our signature plates…

Sushi - Coctails Chania- Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Almyrida Apokoronas Ep. Od. Kalyvon – Kefalas | 73008

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Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday 19:00 – 00:00

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