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Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Chania: Our Top choices

   Many of our clients love Almyvita, because it has always been classified as a Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Chania area. Many of of our guests are coming into our restaurant in Almyrida in order to taste fresh seafood in Chania, discover new tastes, elevate their culinary experience and ultimately explore a top restaurant experience in Crete! In this article from our blog we will pinpoint the perks of seafood in our diet and we will disclose some of the top seafood plates that you can taste in our restaurant in Chania.

  Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Chania: Why so few.

If you are looking for seafood dinner in Chania you may come across that there are only a few designated seafood restaurants in Chania. Most of the restaurants, taverns and eating places in Chania have more of a fast food approach when coming to dining in Chania.

  However there are a few of the best restaurants in our city that are striving to offer quality fresh seafood to their respected customers. Almyvita is one of those restaurants and one of the reasons that many restaurants in Chania avoid seafood is because it needs a certain level of expertise in order to make extraordinary seafood especially in Chania, which is an area with huge tourist traffic. To start with, finding the ideal fresh seafood may be difficult, because it is not certain whether there will be fish in today’s catch or certain types for the restaurant menu.

  Secondly you need specialized chefs in order to make quality seafood dishes in Chania, as well as professional waiters that know how to describe various dishes to the customers, as well as taking the bones off of the fish. These are primarily the two reasons that we only see a few seafood restaurants in Chania, and especially in the luxury restaurant section. A third reason may be difficulties in kitchen preparation, a lengthy menu, or shortages in staff that is also a burden when making your seafood. Although, Almyvita has already sorted these out and this is why we are categorized as one of the few seafood restaurants in town.

luxury seafood restaurants in Chania- Almyvita seafood restaurant in Almirida- Octopus

Luxury Seafood Restaurants in Chania- Almyvita seafood restaurant in Almirida- Octopus

  Seafood in Chania: The perks.

 There are many reasons why you should start eating fish regularly. Even if you are a tourist on vacation in Chania  you should regularly be eating seafood as it has vital fat and healthy nutrients for a balanced diet. All of the seafood and fishes that we treat you in our restaurant in Chania (link blog) are rich in vitamins and minerals and are also rich in Omega 3’ s fat, very crucial for a healthy brain.  They are also rich in B vitamin complex and have also useful trace elements, such as niacin and folic acid.

  Our restaurant’ s in Chania seafood dishes.

  Traditional fish stew is always on the top of the list for people who are looking for the best seafood dishes in Chania. Although a stew, this seafood dish can be eaten even on hot summer dates and it combines traditional and contemporary at the same time. It is served with Cretan aromatic herbs (link blog poyyy) and it is one of the best selling dishes of our restaurant in Chania, being inspired by many Michelin restaurants overseas.

  Our second fish food alternative is the famous Gazpacho soup, which has its origins from Spain and it is served cold. It took its name because of the similarity of the word “gaspa” which means fragments. In the same manner, you will also see fragments of fish food in this dish that we proudly offer in our restaurant. Crab is now the fish of choice, which is full of nutritional value, B12 Vitamin, Omega 3’s and selenium, thus making it a very healthy alternative for those who prefer some  cold  soup on their dinner in Chania.

Fresh Seafood - Seafood Restaurant Almyvita- Chania- Almirida Region

Fresh Seafood – Seafood Restaurant Almyvita- Chania- Almirida Region


  Craving Seafood in Chania? Start with a salad!

  We always have proposed to our clients that they combine seafood in our luxury restaurant in Chania. Even if you don’t prefer seafood as a main course, a fish salad may be just enough to give you healthy ingredients and you will surely love a light starter salad with seafood. We propose that you discover our salmon salad  which is a nutritional treasure, as it is full of B- Vitamins, Potassium, Selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids which are of paramount importance for your nervous and vascular system. A salad will always complement the main courses, even if you are not a seafood lover.

  Seafood? Don’t forget our Sushi Menu in Chania!

    A lot of our customers tend to forget our seafood pinnacle. Our sushi menu, which for many of our reviewers is the best in town. Sushi is also  considered seafood because it contains seaweed, salmon, tuna, prawns, or shrimps.


Sushi in Chania- Sushi Menu- Sushi- Nigiri- Restaurants in Chania

Sushi in Chania- Sushi Menu- Sushi- Nigiri- Restaurants in Chania

 We give special attention to Sushi and it also has a distinctive place in our menu . We have carefully selected our sushi chefs in order to provide you with the best sushi in Chania. We invite you to discover our seafood, our sushi menu and combine it with one of our top wines for an elevated gastronomical experience.  

sushi in Chania- best sushi chania- sushi - nigiri-sashimi- chania sushi

Luxury Seafood Restaurant Almyvita- Salmon

Seafood and wine: What to pick?

  As a general rule of thumb, Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant in Chania proposed that you always drink white wine  with our seafood menu. This is not a strict rule, but our years of experience in fine gastronomy in Chania  has showed that red wine with seafood may leave you with an unpleasant fishy aftertaste, which may not be of your liking. On the other hand, you can pick some White Dry Wine in order to complement and elevate your seafood dinner in the same manner that lemon (sour and bitter) elevates most of the seafood that you find in our seafood place in Chania.

We welcome you into an Almyvita Seafood World! 

Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant- Wines

Almyvita Luxury Seafood Restaurant- Wines

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