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Luxury restaurants in Chania: 6 Reasons το dine there!

Tourist season is on in Crete and many tourists are looking for restaurants and taverns in Chania. There is a big demand for romantic dinners in Chania, casual midday lunch in Chania as well as business meetings and gatherings that take place in taverns and luxury restaurants in Chania. Our region has strong infrastructure in tourism, so hotels, rental villas ,  restaurants and taverns can be found everywhere in Chania. Judging by our expertise and experience, we will be pinpointing our thoughts on why you would rather dine in a luxury restaurant rather than in a regular tavern when on vacation in Crete. Luxury Restaurants Chania- Almyvita luxury restaurant- Sushi bar Chania- Luxury dinner in chania

Luxury restaurants in Chania: Out of the ordinary.

When on vacation in Chania, you can take advantage of the exclusivity and the rarity the luxury restaurants have in town. The norm in our region is Greek restaurants and Greek taverns with local food and local delicacies, either for locals or tourists. However, a luxury restaurant in Chania offers something different and appealing to a bigger crowd of tourists when in chania. They target customers with a more exquisite taste and they offer more upmarket options for food, dessert and wine or cocktails in Chania.

Best Place to eat in chania.

When dining in a luxury restaurant it is granted that you will get top quality food and top quality service. The restaurants that strive for perfection will always hire executive chefs and sous chefs with good reputation in order to make their best in order to produce high quality meals. Likewise , they will have the best bartenders and waitresses in order to have a professional service. Attention to detail, politeness and good manners come a long way in good rated restaurants. By choosing a restaurant with good reviews in Chania you are rest assured that the service, the food and everything else is going to be of paramount quality.

Dishes full of fantasy.

In a typical greek tavern or restaurant it is almost predictable what’s on the menu. Typical, well cooked choices of greek cuisine will always be present there as well as the traditional desserts, aperitifs and everything that comes along in a good tasting experience. However, people that strive for excellence will prefer to also dine in a luxury restaurant. There you can find some signature dishes, just like the ones that the famous greek Chef Ettore Botrini has made for our restaurant. In those dishes you will experiment with different flavours, different textures and to ingredients which at first sight don’t seem to match at all. The same thing happens to the sweets of our restaurant as well, but in the end the combination and the highest quality of ingredients will indeed make the difference.

Luxury Restaurant Chania- Sushi in Chania- Sushi Coctail Bars in Chania

Luxury Restaurant Chania- Sushi in Chania- Sushi Coctail Bar Almyvita

Restaurant with sea view in Chania: Α Luxurious restaurant privilege.

As a traveller, you may have noticed that most of the luxury  restaurants in Chania are situated in upmarket or sea view areas. Many of them are beachfront as well. Our Almyvita restaurant is no exception, as it is situated in a very prominent area on the beach of Almyrida in chania. It offers unobstructed views of the Cretan sea that guarantee you the best and most relaxing dining experience. It is no secret that good aura, good food as well as great company always result in a dinner that you will remember for a long time!

Restaurant with sea view in Chania- Luxury Restaurants in Chania- Almyvita Restaurant- Almyrida

Restaurant with sea view in Chania- Luxury Restaurants in Chania- Almyvita Restaurant- Almyrida

Less chatter and noise.

Most high end restaurants deliberately have less tables and require a restaurant reservation in order for you to dine there. This is also very crucial , as you can enjoy your personal time without noise and interference with others and know for sure that your money was well spent on this dinner. Due to the limited number of tables and people, as well as the best service luxury restaurants are offering, they are extremely suitable for anniversaries, business meetings and romantic meetings!

Small price difference.

There is also a false belief that luxury restaurants are expensive. In fact, and due to the experience we have in the sector, we have found out that for the kind of product and services the luxury restaurants offer , those restaurants have a greater value to the customer. This means that when increasing the quality of the food and the service in a restaurant the increase in the amount of money required to dine is disproportionate. For this reason, you may enjoy dining in a luxury restaurant two or three times more than when you are visiting a regular tavern or cook house, but only end up paying 15 % or 20 % more. Not only that but you will take advantage of everything we stated above, making your dinner better but also elevating your whole vacation experience that you spend on our island. We welcome you into this luxury and elevating experience. Cheers!

Sushi & Cocktails Chania- Luxury restaurant chania

Sushi & Cocktails Chania- Luxury Restaurant Almyvita Chania

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