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Gourmet cuisine Chania: A dessert approach

Our luxury restaurant Almyvita is now established as a well thought option for luxury dining and gourmet cuisine in Chania. An increasing number of beloved customers trust their romantic dinner, their business meeting or just a casual lunch at our beachfront luxury restaurant in Chania, in the Almyrida region. In this article from our site’s blog we have highlighted 3 famous desserts that are a top choice amongst our customers.

Desserts are altogether a nice and comprehensive way to end up a successful luxury dinner. It can elevate your dining experience, and to put it straight, who doesn’t want to have a delicious delicacy as their finishing touch to their meal. We, at Almyvita luxury restaurant in Chania are honoured to present to you our top 3, proudly created by our pastry chef.

Gourmet cuisine Chania: A dessert approach.

On top of our lists lies the well known Cheese Cake. Although a well established recipe, our cheese cake successfully bonds contemporary with traditional, and well thought ingredients with fantasy in the making.

Our cheese cake is a top choice from people of various ages because , as they say, it’s one of the finest they had! We use carefully selected red fruits as well as a complimentary sorbet from framboise which elevates the fruity taste of the garnish altogether.

Special Almyvita Halva:One of our rated restaurant’s favourites.

At Almyvita Luxury Restaurant in Chania , we strive to give you the best and most fantezy dining options in Chania. Our new invention is a bond of a traditional greek recipe of Halva (Main ingredient: Semolina / granulated and non granulated) .

Special Almyvita Halva: Gourmet Cuisine & Pastry - Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Special Almyvita Halva: Gourmet Cuisine & Pastry – Almyvita Luxury Restaurant

Normally our greek grandmothers used to make Halva the traditional way and served it cold, in a compact state. However, our pastry chef recommends the hot version of the Greek halva. To complement and elevate the tasting experience we serve the Halva with Tachini ice cream. Tachini is another well known ingredient of the Greek cuisine, and originally it is a sesame seed pulp, made into ice cream. It is a very healthy alternative with many health properties as well. To add to the taste and the top quality ingredients, you will also taste some crunchy dry nuts on the plate, making it an altogether healthy, balanced and authentic greek dessert.

Almyvita Luxury Restaurant- Halva- Almyrida Chania

Almyvita Luxury Restaurant- Halva- Almyrida Chania

Cheese Cake: For the advanced diners.

A new entry into our dessert menu is the Cheese Cake . It is made with red fruits with framboise sorbet.  It has a very distinctive taste and we enhance your tasting experience with carefully selected fresh red fruits from .

Cheese Cake- Gurmet Cuisine and Desserts- Almyvita

Cheese Cake- Gurmet Cuisine and Desserts- Almyvita

When checking our complete menu, you may be amazed by the small amount of our dishes and desserts. However, we are proud of our minimal approach. We have expertise in the making of dishes and desserts, and we carefully pick what to input into our carefully selected menu. The other two options we deliberately left out from this recommendation post is the Chocolate Souffle, as well as the Chocolate Milk Mousse. We will analyze them in a new forthcoming post, and they absolutely wait for you to try them! Bon appetit!

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